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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides protection to a homeowner from whatever loss-making event may occur to their property. Be it the destruction of a house fire or the total devastation of a tornado, the homeowner is financially protected. It also provides protection for personal items in the home and covers the homeowner from the potential legal mess of liability.

Homeowners’ insurance is designed specifically for those who own single-family homes. Other kinds of homes will have different types of coverage, like condo insurance for condos and RV insurance for recreational vehicles, and so on.

Homeowners’ insurance protects you and your family from loss through your timely payment of premiums of a certain dollar amount. The level of protection you obtain will be based upon the value of the home and the contents within, as well as the various liability factors you might have. The higher the value of these elements, the higher the cost of the premium.

The value of your property, the climatic zone in which you live, any prior claims – even the kind of dog you own – all these factors can impact the premiums and benefits of your policy. Normal coverage generally includes the home, personal possessions, other structures on the property, fire and smoke damage, theft, medical payments, and personal liability at minimum. For example, home insurance protects you from liability, such as a nosy neighbor suing you after he slipped on your patio while checking out the new outdoor furniture. Medical expenses are also covered, so the neighbor can enjoy a comfortable stay at the hospital while recovering.

Damage from storms, car accidents, vandalism and even volcanic eruption are also usually included. As are as living costs if your home is damaged or destroyed and is no longer habitable.

Determining the right type of coverage in a homeowners’ insurance policy is an important step in disaster preparation and protects your family from any damage or destruction to your property. It eases the burden of added living costs resulting from some calamitous event and medical bills resulting from any unfortunate occurrence on your property. And again, it offers protection from liability. But it also provides priceless peace of mind in knowing that whatever might happen, you are properly covered.

Most importantly, your homeowners insurance will provide the priceless peace of mind of knowing that whatever might happen, you and your family are protected.  One of our professional insurance agents can greatly help you with choosing the correct kind of coverage options for your home.