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Business Insurance

Being a business owner is not an easy endeavor and it demands absolute vigilance with regard to managing risk. After all,  its you and your family’s financial health that is on the line. Business insurance is a form of coverage that business owners obtain to aid and abet them in the offsetting of losses due to loss-causing events occurring during the normal operation of a business. This type of insurance protects the business owner from potentially catastrophic loss caused by property damage, theft, vandalism, personal injury, legal liability and normal operational risks.

A BOP (or business owner’s protection policy) puts together several forms of insurance into one convenient policy. BOP is for those who are self-employed and conducting business in a dedicated physical space which may be occupied by customers and/or employees. It is essential for business owners to assess their risk management needs based on realistic possible losses that may occur throughout the operation of the business – and then purchase the appropriate level of insurance coverage.

Business protection policies place many different forms of coverage into one contract. Of course, a business owner or manager could certainly buy these policies individually, but for a comprehensive and yet simple form of protection, a BOP could be a smart way to go. The liability aspect of the coverage is what protects against losses from product liability and from risks due to the specific hazards of business operation. The business’ premises, its equipment and inventory are protected, as well as lost income due to the involuntary suspension of business activity. A ‘key man’ policy will cover against losses resulting from the unexpected death of essential employees.

For businesses of every shape, size and type, business insurance is a necessity. It helps to protect the good name and the brand equity of a company and helps to ensure its fiscal health in challenging times. The proper mix of insurance helps to enhance the value of a business by making it more salable should an owner wish to liquidate. Customers, clients and vendors alike will always tend to have more confidence in doing business with a firm that is properly insured, as well.

The myriad of benefits derived from having proper business insurance coverage also includes the priceless peace of mind that results from knowing the livelihood of yourself, your family and your employees is protected.